AQUASOL – pipeline cleaning

AQUASOL – pipeline cleaning

Agent for cleaning of pipelines and other surfaces contaminated with petroleum substances.


The AQUASOL reagent is designed to remove organic substances from solid surfaces. The recommended dilution of AQUASOL reagent with water is 1:10 to 1:1500. The use of a warm solution increases the effect of the agent.

AQUASOL concentrated agent is non-corrosive, but an irritant reaction can be expected in contact with sensitive skin and mucous membranes. For these reasons, the packaging is marked with the symbol and inscription “Irritant”.

Physico-chemical properties of AQUASOL:

AQUASOL Concentrated Agent is a viscous, clear liquid, yellow to yellow-red in colour, dilutable with water in any proportion. The concentrated reagent shows an alkaline reaction, with vigorous agitation a white foam forms on the surface of the liquid which disappears in a short time. After application of the agent on a smooth surface, a slippery layer is formed which can be easily removed by washing with water.

By diluting AQUASOL with water in a ratio of 1:50 – 1:100, a working solution can be obtained which can be applied. The agent has a negligible content of extractable non-polar substances. Neither the concentrated agent nor the working solutions of AQUASOL have aggressive effects in contact with intact human skin. AQUASOL Concentrated Agent shall not be subject to physicochemical changes that would adversely affect the effectiveness of the agent during a minimum of three years of storage.

The agent is virtually 100% degradable under basic biodegradation conditions.

Packaging, transport and storage:

AQUASOL Reagent is packaged and distributed in polyethylene sealed containers of 25 and 50 litres marked with a label indicating the product name, date of manufacture, volume of charge, storage recommendations, brief instructions for use, basic handling instructions for AQUASOL Reagent, and guidelines for handling the reagent.


Dilute AQUASOL reagent with water and apply to the surface of the material to be cleaned by spraying or painting. After approximately 5 – 10 minutes, rinse the surface to be cleaned with a stream of water. Collect residues of the reagent and the resulting waste in separate containers and dispose of according to the provisions of the relevant applicable regulations.

Safety phrases: R 36/38 S21/22/23 S36/37/39


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