AQUAWELL® EXTRA – water disinfection in dug wells

AQUAWELL® EXTRA – water disinfection in dug wells

Static device designed for continuous disinfection of water in dug wells.


Simple, low-cost and effective solution for continuous disinfection of water in dug wells.

The basis of the AQUAWELL EXTRA kit is a special ceramic cartridge into which a disinfectant (based on active chlorine) is poured, the cartridge is inserted into a perforated cover and suspended into water in the well. The water continuously leaches the active component of the disinfectant into the water, which is dispersed in sufficient concentration in the water so that the entire volume of water in the well (including the well walls) is continuously disinfected and any bacteria are continuously destroyed.

As each well has a different water change regime, it cannot be completely ruled out that more sensitive users may notice traces of unconsumed chlorine in the treated water, so the kit includes a dechlorinating agent (vitamin based) that can be added to the treated water, whereby any chlorine that may be present is immediately eliminated and the water does not smell or taste of chlorine. There is enough dechlorinating agent in the tank to treat approximately 10,000 litres of water.

The kit can serve the user for many years and one dose of disinfectant will last at least 4 weeks, but usually 2 to 3 months, to disinfect the water in the well. By checking the contents of the ceramic cartridge and possibly adding disinfectant, the AQUAWELL EXTRA can be kept in working order all year round, or the equipment can be removed and stored when the well is not in use until the well is next put into operation.

The AQUAWELL EXTRA kit is supplied in a box and comes with a detailed “Instructions for Use”. In addition, the AQUAWELL EXTRA is also equipped with a CHLORTEST test kit, which provides an indication of the amount of dissolved disinfectant in the treated water, within the range required for the use of the AQUAWELL EXTRA.

Dimensions 9 cm


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