Aquasteril® 20 Camp – disinfection of water in canisters

Aquasteril® 20 Camp – disinfection of water in canisters

Water disinfection kit up to 5×20 l., designed for different climatic conditions. Thanks to its unique composition, it does not leave a chlorine aftertaste in the water.

Content of the AQUASTERIL® 20 CAMP kit

The kit is packed in a box containing five red sachets with disinfectant A20 and five blue sachets with dechlorinating agent B20, with each pair of sachets used to prepare up to 20 litres of water. The kit is designed to disinfect a maximum of 5 X 20 = 100 litres of water.

Water treated with AQUASTERIL® kits is suitable for

  • drinking and cooking, beverage preparation, food washing, personal hygiene, wound washing and other similar uses
  • hiking, camping, expeditions and stays in places without water sources of known or hygienically safe quality
  • elimination of bacteria, viruses and parasites in water
  • long-term preservation of water
  • disinfection of water of poor or unknown quality
  • replacement of boiling water
  • avoiding intestinal problems caused by the use of contaminated water
Use of the kit.

The AQUASTERIL® 20 CAMP kit is used to disinfect water. When microbially safe water is prepared with this kit, the microorganisms present in the water, including pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites, are destroyed. The kit is intended for the emergency preparation of microbially safe water in cases where no other source of water of known and safe quality is available.

Water treated with AQUASTERIL® 20 CAMP does not alter the chemical and perceptual properties of the water and it is therefore advantageous to select the visually cleanest water possible from the available sources for treatment. Water treated in this way is microbially safe and can be used for consumption or for drinking, depending on the perceptual and chemical properties of the source water.

The AQUASTERIL® 20 CAMP can be used for the preparation of microbially safe water for hiking, trekking and staying in places without a source of microbially safe water in different climatic zones.

The lifetime of the kit is at least 5 years under storage conditions.

The AQUASTERIL® kit is approved by the decision of the Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic No. HEM-3244-24.5.01/14301.


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